Russian Translations by Metta Ucoz or Yury & Irina

“Portal of Harmony 2014-2038-2075 (2014)”

“2015 Year Ahead”

“Mega-Equinoxes – Astro Crucible 2015”

“Pineal Gland Bio Crystalline Gates”

“Star Gates – Teachers”

“Mega Equinox September 2014”

“Mega-eclipses October 2014 – Windows of Infinity”

“One Heart – Feet on Sand”

“Cardinal Grand Cross – April 2014”

“Sequoia – Sacred Energy of Trees”

“2013 Aquarian Shift – part 2”

“Sedona Star-Gates”

“2013 Aquarian Shift”

“Mega Equinox & Eclipse March 2015”

“Windows of Infinity The Coming Mega Eclipses of October”

“Why The World Seems Mad”

“Issue 95: “The Cardinal Grand Cross & Harmonic Trigger”

“Issue 93: “The Harmonic Portal 2014 – 2038 – 2075″”

“Sedona Star Gates”

Issue 83: “One Heart: Footprints in the Sand…”

Issue 82: “Sequoia: Crystalline Portals of Healing”

Issue 80: “2013 – The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation Part 2″

Issue 79: “2013 – The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation Part 1″

“The Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse”

“Crystal Skulls & the Ascension Paradigm”

“The 2012 Express – A Train Is Coming”

“2012 – A Glimpse Into The Magnifient Year Ahead”

“Archangel Metatron Message at the United Nations S.E.A.T, August 19th 2011”

“Animal Consciousness: The Divinity of Cats & Dogs The Sacred Felidae-Russian Translation”

“The Sacred Cetacean Re-Emergence of the Golden Dolphin Energy”

“The Eclectic Eclipse-Triad”

“Issue 56: “The Nature of Angelics & Light”

“Issue 55: “The Perfection Paradigm”

“The Year Ahead: 2011 – Mid Point of Trinity Triad”

“Quantum Consciousness: The Nature of Time”

“12th Gate of the Golden Sun Disc”

Issue 47: “Sacred Sovereignty – The Divine Calibration”

Special Eclipse Issue: “The Extraordinary Eclipses of the Grand Cross”

“Solstice Issue: “The Om Wave -Solstice Intent & The Diamond-Octave Triad”

Issue 46: “Revisiting Atlantis: The Crystalline Field of 10-10-10”

Issue 45: “The Polarity of Power & Love”

“Alchemy & Requisite of 13-20-33 Circuitry”

“The Crystalline MER-KA-NA”

“Auras, Angelics & Antimatter”

“‘The Cosmic Trigger Phase ll: The Crystalline Awakening”

“January 2010: The Alchemy of 2010”

“Universal Beginnings & The Crysto-Electric Cosmos”

“The 11-11, 12-12 and 12-21 The Triad Star-Gates of Love”

15 june 2008

“The Divine Feminine Heart of the Dove”

“Issue 35: “‘Tahoe -Vortex of the Violet Flame'”

“9-9-9 Activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healin”

“The Inner Earth, YETI & UFO Phenomena”

June 3 2009
“Alchemy of the Goddess The Divine Feminine of the Platium Ray”

May 14 2009
“Awakening the Sacred Dragon
Cosmic Trigger Part 2″

April 3 2009
“The Enigma of Grimes Point: Time Gates and Spirit Cave”

March 4 2009
“Pyramids & Parallel Dimensions”

January 5 2009
“The Metatronic Keys of 2009

Special AA Metatron Channeling for the Solstice: December 21 2008
“The Alchemy of the Solstice”

“Manifestation: Impeccability & The Crystalline Field”