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What People Say About Earth-Keeper Pilgrimages

Dear Tyb and Anne, 
Thank you so much for the Holy Lands Pilgrimage, it was so amazing!  I loved the sites we visited.  They were so powerful.  I’m still processing everything.  For me, the energy was so powerful, yet subtle, with a very high vibration.  Much love, Linda R

Dear Tyb & Anne,
The Holylands Pilgrimage was wonderful. Thank you for all the work in organizing all of these amazing trips.  Love, Vivian & Michael

Dear Tyb,
Thank you so much for the Greece Pilgrimage. It was wonderful!  Love Cathy K

Hello Dear Tyb & Anne,
First, let me say that I SO enjoyed spending time with the two of you. Chile and Easter Island were amazing ! You are very special souls and I’ve felt a kinship from day one. Thank you for being the wonderful and approachable people that you are. I adore you both. I love you both and look forward to seeing you again. I will forward a few select photos from Chile to you soon. All the best to you both. Much Love, Beverly W

Hi Tyb and Anne,
Thank you both for coordinating and facilitating such an amazing sacred tour of South Patagonia and Easter Island in Chile. It truly was the most wonderful, inspirational and high energy time, and also fabulous visiting such incredibly beautiful places. I feel truly blessed. Tyb thank you so much for your willingness to share the valuable Metatron information and live channelings, which offer such high value and please know it is most gratefully acknowledged and received. I’m crossing my fingers that you are planning an Aussie tour some time soon !! Much Love and Blessings, Julia S – Sydney, Australia

Tyb & Anne,
hanks for the kind words, the Chile/Easter Island trip was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. Thank you and Anne for making ‘Sacred Chile’ possible. Fred F

Dear Anne and Tyb!
Thank you so much for the fantastic experience of Chile. Ity was amazing ! There are no words to describe it!!!! Love, Vivian

Hi Anne and Tyb,
Thank you for a most glorious trip to Chile & Easter Island!. I wish I was still back on Easter Island. I am forever grateful for the amazing adventures you guide us to experience – my heart and soul are touched so deeply. THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! Love, Jean M


Hi Anne & Tyb, Thank you so much to you Both for ‘Sacred Chile’ , it was for me the best journey yet, it was a truly marvelous pilgrimage I could have stayed on in Easter Island , it is heaven on earth. Look forward to being with you again in Greece. Huge Hugs and Oodles of Love, Christine U xxxx

Hello Anne and Tyb!
I have loved loved loved our Chile and Rapa Nui pilgrimage. I cannot thank you enough for this intensely beautiful experience. Although I was a participant in Earth-Keeper Ireland, (which was wonderful) this trip just blew me away. I knew I wanted to go to Patagonia, but the physical beauty and loving vibrations we encountered there made me never want to leave Las Torres del Paine. When I arrived at the airport at Rapa Nui, I felt a great joy and happiness just being there! The energies of the sites we visited at Rapa Nui really impacted me, which I just did not expect. Please accept my deepest gratitude for this wonderful experience. I am so happy I decided to go, but from the bottom of my heart I am very thankful that you both made this trip a reality. You are such a great gift to us. Love and Gratitude, Doris C

Hi Anne and Tyb, My thanks to you both. I had SUCH A GREAT TIME. You and Tyb really and truly are the best. All you do, for so many. Even though Easter Island has been on my list of places I wanted to go, I know I never would have made it there if it wasn’t for you both. I have grown in so many ways (not just my waistline!) – needless to say meeting some amazing people, who really touched me in a way. Wow, I am thankful. Until next time, love love love and thanks again. Love Mary Pat F

Hi Tyb and Anne,
I just need to thank you both once again for the most amazing experience I’ve had in a long time. The ‘Sacred Chile & Easter Island ‘ trip was beautiful, the group was inspiring, you and Ann the most loving “guides”.. I loved every moment!!! Barbara R

Dear Anne and Tyb !
I am finally getting grounded enough, after our amazing trip, to write to you and thank you for all you have done to make the Ireland trip a fantastic voyage !!I will truly remember our time together as a group as one of the major events of my lifetime. A part of me will always remain in Ireland, the most beautiful place I have ever seen. What made the tip really special, however, is the Love that you both freely give to all of us and which carries us safely and gracefully through our journey. I have much appreciation and gratitude for both of you and I look forward to seeing you again. Love and Light, Wendy Z

Hi Tyb and Anne,
I just want to thank you with all of my heart for coordinating the Ireland trip. I had an absolutely incredible time and I learned so much. I learned so much about myself, about others, about Ireland, about my feelings and I was able to pour a tremendous amount of love for the Earth and humanity in all the sacred spots we visited. It was so good for me and so good for so many others. It couldn’t have been with a better group. I loved it all. You, Anne and all who helped coordinate the event really worked hard and maintained strength and patience and right attitude for the whole group. You guys did a fantastic job. Thank you so very very much. Vince R

Hello Tyb and Anne,
Thank you for the wonderful pilgrim age to Egypt. I can’t thank you enough ! It was very special to be connected with everyone! It seems like just yesterday that we were in the King’s Chamber. I’m still in awe and very grateful that I was on the Egypt pilgrimage. Thank you both for everything you are doing!!! Much love, Linda

Tyb/Anne, I want to thank both of you for a trip of a lifetime, you two work so hard on these trips and they always turn out to be so amazing! Thank You ! Love, Angie

Hi Dear Anne and Tyb,
I can’t thank you enough for one of the best vacations I have had in years!! I really had a great time and so wished I had been doing this years ago. My roommate and my team were truly perfect places for me to be !!
Cheri S

Dear Tyb and Anne–
Thank you for putting together and sustaining a wonderful, magical Earth-Keeper gathering in Ireland. I feel like a different person! Last night I got back to New Hampshire safely after many hours of traveling. Our gathering in Ireland brought out the best in me and helped me see through resistance into a clearer, brighter me. I miss my Earth-Keeper family, and I look forward to seeing you soon in Arkansas to celebrate 12-12-12! Blessed Be–Betsy H

Dear Tyb and Anne, I would like to thank you both for the journey to Ireland, it was really wonderful. You both are amazing, it was an honor to be part of the pilgrimage. The Earth-Keeper Pilgrimage was just amazing. Peacefully with Lots of Love, Gregg B

Dear Tyb and Anne, It is with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude, that I write these words. The Egypt experience was magical for me. The Earth-Keeper family made me feel welcome and loved. I was in joy the entire trip. You both certainly put together a fabulous agenda, for which I gained so much life experience. I knew I was in great hands. Thank you for all your efforts. Certainly a lot of time and effort went into the planning of this trip. It all was so smooth, powerful & perfect ! Love, Karen W

Hey Tyb & Anne,
Bolivia was awesome ! I know it took a lot to put it all together, and want to tell you how much your work is appreciated. It was just great from start to finish ! Wow ! Bruce