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Author, geologist, visionary and channel James Tyberonn reviews activation of the Quantum Crystalline Field, the 144 Phi Grid and their role in the Planetary Ascension along with many other fascinating topics in his long awaited second book "Earth-Keeper Chronicles: METATRON SPEAKS".

“James Tyberonn is the most prolific channel source since Kryon. His channels of Archangel Metatron are cutting edge with astonishing new material that is vital to the Ascension. The profound scientific information Tyb channels is paired with nurturing loving messages that are essential to any soul seeking enlightenment and comfort along the path. This book is more than highly recommended, it is a must read.”
Ronna Herman, Author, Channel and Matriarch of the New Age Movement in America.

Read the inspiring and amazing channels of Archangel Metatron on: Planetary Grids, Reshel Grids, Vogel Phi Crystals, The Fall of Atlantis, Atlantean Master Crystals, MerKaBah and MerKiVah, Leylines, Sacred Sites, Sacred Waters, Healing Gems, Auric Maintenance, UFOs, Sasquatch, LeMuria, Hollow Earth, the Eagle and Condor, Earth Changes, Time Travel, Multidimensionality, Nonlinear Time, Reincarnation, Black Holes, White Holes, The Cosmic Trigger, Global Warming, Hologramic Dimensional Inserts and the Flashing Nature of the Universe.

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Book Contents Metatron Speaks :

Arkansas ~ The Atlantean Crystal Awakening and the Fall of Atlantis

The Magnificent Om Crystal of Shasta

Metamorphosis and Auric Maintenance 101

The Flashing Universe

The Inner Earth and Her Kingdoms

Merkabah to Mer-Ki-Va ~

The Crystalline Waters of Shasta

Grand Canyon ~ Rebirth in the Womb of Gaia

Redpath ~ The Eagle and the Condor

Envoys of Light ~ Back from the Future

Manifestation ~ Impeccability and the Quantum Crystalline Field

The Infinite Geometry of Sacred Sites ~

Quantum Crystalline Activation

The Platinum Ray ~ Global Warming and Earth Changes

The Solitude and Sovereignty of the Divine Self

The Alchemy of Phi Crystals