Testimonials – Metatronic Keys Course

What People Say About The Metatronic Keys Course

I have found all three levels of the Metatronic Keys to be powerful, but the third level was by far the most deeply integrated and energy-filled experience of them all. Since then, I am doing a daily practice of auric maintenance and feel so protected and at peace that I KNOW I am functioning from a different vibration than prior to the installation of the Mer-Ka-Na. Sincerely, Susan Oliver, PhD, MD

The MK3 teaching was an amazing process that allowed me to accelerate my Ascension process many levels in only one weekend. The class brought together the role of Sacred Geometry and the physical and energetic process of Conscious Human Evolution in which we are now participating. Tyberonn’s presentation of Auric Maintenance techniques and the absolute importance of maintaining Auric integrity are valuable tools for those of us who are rapidly moving into the higher levels of Consciousness. The meditation to install the Mer-Ka-Na brought me be to a level that I have never experienced, one of complete Unity with myself, my surroundings and my world.I highly recommended MK1 and MK2, but I must say that MK3 is a necessity for anyone consciously pursuing an accelerated path into becoming a Crystalline being. Since taking the class I have become more confident, calm and loving towards myself and others. I have even changed my diet and find that I am eating lighter food. My connection to my higher self has opened and I have received inspiration for writing projects. MK3 a true gift. Since taking the class I have a clearer vision of where I am meant to be and more guidance of how I will proceed. Tyberonn is an excellent teacher, he presents high level information in a clear, easy to follow manner and the class seamlessly flows from one relevant subject into the next. MK3 is one of the most important events of our time and all that feel drawn should take advantage of the opportunity. Peace and Love, Wendy Ann Z

Thanks, Tyb, for supplying this valuable resource of the Metatronic Keys to us. Thank you for your beautiful and clear teaching of the Metatron Keys 3. This was very powerful and I experienced so much love within the group but also notice and teaching of the absolute need for auric integrity with this installation of the Mer-Ka-Na. I feel deeply my commitment to meditate study and reflect daily these truths you have shared through Metatron of the full harmonic pulse of crystalline coherence. (I think that’s the relevant language!) I feel because of your integrity you facilitated my further waking up and I am so very grateful. With much love, Jim and Kathy – New Zealand

Dear Tyberonn, The MK-3 class and especially the installation  meditation , Tyb, was an absolutely glorious experience. I am so honored to be able to participate in this most humbling meditation and teachings . My tears did flow. And I thank you so much for bringing these wonderful lessons to us in the Metatronic Keys classes. Love and many blessings, Ruth G

Dear Tyb, All of the Metatronic Keys Levels have been amazing and life-changing, but MK-3 really was truly brilliant. You & Metatron really nailed it , beautiful finish to the classes. Blessings, Bruce

Dear Tyb, The Met-Keys course is  awesome.  My guides were very sure I needed to participate in the  Metatronic Keys and I am glad I did. My reaction to the coarse :  It is awesome.  The platonic solids, especially the dodecahedron has been coming up in my dreams and other times.  I had looked on line and had not found the answer to my question.  You answered that in the coarse.  The notes that come with it are awesome and very helpful.  The meditations were amazing and I look forward to repeating them as necessary.  I encourage anyone who has the chance to take this coarse.  It is life changing. I have been working with the Alpha Master teachings and other teachings of Archangel Michael for several months.  I feel like I have gone a bit higher in my understanding of our potential on earth.  I think I understand why I have collected crystals without knowing why for several years.  

Thanks for the Metatronic Keys .  I loved them !
In Love and Light, Beverly – Arizona

Dear Tyberonn, Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful gift.  The MK-1 &2 Course is wonderful and I would like to take the next level.
God bless you, Ruthann

Hi Tyb,   I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful Metatronic Keys teachings. I found it very informative, enlightening and expansive. The activation Meditation was a most profoundly heart opening experience and I did enter a Space of Bliss. I feel I am still integrating much of what was activated. Thank you for your warmth and Open Heart.
Blessings of Love and Joy in the One Heart, Ascenta -Australia

Dear Tyb, The  Metatronic Keys course is wonderful. I’ve loved it all very much!! and so very glad I was inspired to take it.   Wowwee, the  installation meditations are wonderful!!. I have never felt such a sense of wholeness as I did in the installation. Feel I will need to do it several times and then again some, to get it set, but it was very powerful and I feel I have truly expanded. Now feel a greater love connection with the crystals I have around me – more one with them. Such a lovely feeling of connectedness with the others in this group – wished I could tell them that!

THANK YOU so much for everything, Tyb – I am really and sincerely grateful to you.  I’ll be looking forward to MK2, but have plenty to work on in the meantime!!
Love and Blessings, Trish

Hi Tyb, Just passing on my thanks for the Metatronic-Keys Teachings. The final part was pretty amazing and I am looking forward to understanding more – Metatron asked me to join him and we travelled to this incredible space where I can only describe it as formless light energy coming from Source and the words ‘builders of form’. The formless energy could be taken and focused into anything. The sense of power and responsibility was significant. Great teachings !
Love to all, Craig-New Zealand