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Earth-Keeper  The Geometry & Infinity of Sacred Sites: Book 1

The Nature of the Living Earth – Understanding the Mechanics of Powernodes & Sacred Sites
Ascension and the 144 Crystal Grid – The Planetary Grid System
Arkansas ~the Mega Vortex & Crystal Portal
Canadian Rockies -Banff & The Michael Vortex
Sacred Chile – Patagonia The Blue Diamond Vortex
Giza – The Enigma of the Great Pyramid
Machu Picchu – The Light Temple of Mu
Sacred Ireland- Skellig Michael & The Ring of Kerry
Iona and Staffa – Portals of the Hebrides
Enchanted Rock – The Ascension Portal in Texas
Tiahuanaco- Ancient Bolivia & Atlantis
Sacred Lake Titicaca – Vortex of the Condor
Sedona – Shaman’s Dome and Cave
Rosslyn Chapel and Glen ~ Uncoding DaVinci
Glastonbury ~ Vortex of Avalon
From Russia with Love ~ The Vortex of Hope for the Future
Mount Shasta ~ Multidimensional Portal& The OMM Crystal
Sacred Sites and Power Points of Gaia
Earth Energy Glossary
About James Tyberonn

Metatron Speaks :  Book 2

Arkansas ~ The Atlantean Crystal Awakening and the Fall of Atlantis
The Magnificent Om Crystal of Shasta
Metamorphosis and Auric Maintenance 101
The Flashing Universe
The Inner Earth and Her Kingdoms
Merkabah to Mer-Ki-Va ~
The Crystalline Waters of Shasta
Grand Canyon ~ Rebirth in the Womb of Gaia
Redpath ~ The Eagle and the Condor
Envoys of Light ~ Back from the Future
Manifestation ~ Impeccability and the Quantum Crystalline Field
The Infinite Geometry of Sacred Sites ~
Quantum Crystalline Activation
The Platinum Ray ~ Global Warming and Earth Changes
The Solitude and Sovereignty of the Divine Self
The Alchemy of Phi Crystals

Alchemy of Ascension – Book 3

Transition to Mer-Ki-Va: Developing Crystalline MER-KA-NA
Auras, Angelics and Antimatter
The Alchemy of 13-20-33 Auric Circuitry
Triple Date Portals and the Emerald Crystal of Healing
The Cosmic Trigger ~ Electro-Magnetic Release
Cosmic Trigger II ~ Crystalline Activation
Yellowstone ~ Awakening the Dragon
Time-Gates and the Enigma of Grimes Point
The Ascension Infinity Portal ~ Bosom of Gaia
Pyramids and Parallel Dimensions
The Enigma of the Crystal Skulls
The Golden Sun Disc
Parallel Earth and Antimatter ~ The Vortex of Banff
Santa Fe ~ Vortex of the Golden Pax
Universal Beginnings and the Crysto-Electric Cosmos
The Polarity of Power and Love
Embracing Sovereignty ~ The Divine Calibration
The Diamond Crystalline Transition of 10-10-10
The Increasing Spin of Planet Earth

Wisdom on the Path – 2012 & Beyond: Book 4

The Law of Attraction ~ When and How it Works and Why it Sometimes Doesn’t
Part One ~ The Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation
Part Two ~ Multi-Dimension
Part Three ~ The Law of Conscious Creation
The Nature of Light ~ Angelic Beings of Light Realms
Our United Nations Experience ~
Metatron Channel at the United Nations: The Nation of Humanity
Animal Consciousness ~ The Divinity of Cats and Dogs
The Sacred Felidae
The Mayan Calendar and Time
The Pyramid of the Ascension ~ Awakening of the 12th Wave
Doors of Perception
Atlantis and Dr Moreau ~ The Metatronic Perspective on Yeti and Sasquatch
Dancing With the Stars
The 2012 Express ~ New Earth Demands of 2013

2038 – The Next Quantum Leap

The Death Experience & After-Life Realm
Creative & Destructive Energies- The Far Reaching Effect of Hatred
2015 & Forward – A Time of Change
2038 Harmonic Trigger & The Cristos Return
The Nature, Origin & Purpose of Crystal Skulls – Crystal Codes 2015 & Beyond
The Nature of the New Living Earth & The Colorado Upshift
Power & Love – Harmonization of Soul Fragmentation
The Consciousness & Sacred Energy of Trees
The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation
Quantum Consciousness Part One – The Nature of Time
Quantum Consciousness Part Two- The Genesis of Time
Star-Gates – Teachers & Gateways
Holylands, Dead Sea & Ark of the Covenan
t The Eagle, Condor & New Earth & Return of Dharma
Rapa Nui – The LeMurian Stargate
More On Energies of the Living Earth-
Mystical Ireland & The Kingdom of Fae
Genetic Engineering of Atlantis
Astrological Mechanisms of Shift
Sedona – The Quest of Courage
Nuances of Human Relationships- Six Degrees of Separation
Crystalline Keys of the Law of One – Attributes of Phi Crystals
The 2015 Metatronic Message to the United Nations