The Chalice Well
By Tyberonn

My favorite site in Glastonbury is the Chalice Well. The grounds are simply beautiful, a living bouquet of flowers and fountains. The energy is soft and healing. The famous well is located at the back of the ample garden, and there are benches located throughout for relaxing and taking in the beauty. The gardens have a comforting feel and a vibrational purity. There are three distinct, yet harmonic energy sources within the gardens.These are the leyline energies forming the vortex in the King Court, the anionic energy formed by the Chalice wellspring and flowing waters, and the soft energy field of the vibrant trees and plants. All of these have tangibly different effects that vary from meditative, gently relaxing to vibrant electric intensity.

Once inside the enclosure of the Chalice Well Gardens one feels serene and secure. The grounds are a beautifully manicured English garden adorned with vibrant flowers, both colorful and fragrant. Two enormous Yew Trees, form a strong field amidst the blended energies, and stand like Guardians to the Kings Courtyard, where the Michael and Mary leylines intersect and form an intense vortex. Yew and oak trees were sacred to Druids, who sought them out for their strong protective energy. These sacred trees were considered as dignitaries housing the living devic spirit of 'green man'. Their presence is very soft and protective within the enclosed gardens of the chalice well. One is drawn to touch them and offer thanks and love, which is immediately returned in a soft loving energy-wave response from the very aware guardian Yews.

Kings Court is certainly the strongest 'electric' point in the Garden. The energy near the vortex in the Kings Courtyard is further embellished by ionic charges released from a 7-foot cascade of iron rich water, flowing downhill from the well. This water line energy adds both an ionic and electro-magnetic charge to the vortex created by the intersecting leylines. This vortex is rather compact, and is contained within an oscillating diameter of 3 to 4 meters. The Kings Court is a potent third eye center.

The Chalice Well holds another dense energy around the wellhead area. The compact energy field is at the upthrust node of the spring, where the water movement forms a discernable anionic lattice. The Goddess speaks from within that field, she is most tangible there. The wellhead is at the rear of the gardens with a perfect view of the Michael Tower atop the Tor, just a few hundred meters away. The wellhead is adorned with the sacred geometry symbol of the Vesica Pisces, and secluded by trees and shrubbery to allow for quiet meditation. There is a clear, definite presence of the feminine Guardian spirit. One feels enveloped in a protective womb of cool, moist air within this area. It is a place of creativity, rejuvenation and vitality.

The sloping western side of the Chalice Hill Dome is within the fenced garden perimeter. There are numerous areas for sitting on a bench or lying on the grass amidst pastel perfumed flowers. The devic kingdom is very present here. Faeries and happy little elves are sensed everywhere in the garden, flying around the spring, cascades and blooms, chiming an almost audible elfin laughter in the sculpted rock cascades of both the Kings Court and Chalice Hill. Here on the sloping sides of Chalice Hill the 'veil' is very thin, easily penetrated by focused intent.

Chalice Hill is a place for visions and manifestation. One can recline comfortably on the soft thick grass along the Chalice Hill, and drift comfortably watching the sway of branches and floating clouds. Prayers are quickened and meditative states occur effortlessly.

The Chalice Well itself is very therapeutic. The waters have been thoroughly tested and analyzed. The spring water is slightly radioactive, rich in iron and carries a detectable magnetic charge There are countless documented accounts of healing taking place. In the mid 1700's an English aristocrat was healed of a long-term infirmity after he was 'instructed' by an angelic apparition to drink from the well for five consecutive weeks. The highly publicized cure created a renewed notoriety for the Chalice Well. Visitors streamed in from all areas of Europe to drink the miraculous waters.

The Druids considered the 'Red Spring' as holywaters centuries before the Romans were recorded as building wellhead facilities around the sacred red spring. A stone pathway connected the red spring and white spring to the stone circle atop the Tor. The Druids considered the redspring and the white spring innately connected. The Michael line passes through both the white and red springs, while the feminine Mary line passes only through the redspring.

The male and female leylines intertwine from the Chalice Well garden up the Tor in a symbolically fertile embrace of masculine and feminine energy in this sacred space.

It is noteworthy to mention that less than 100 meters from the Chalice well, flows a second and uniquely related well, the 'Whitespring'. The white spring is a calcium and energy rich well that flows up at the foot of the Tor. Rich in minerals it is interestingly devoid of iron, and has a sparkling clear white hue. Sadly it is not part of the protected Chalice Well complex, or within the confines of the National Trust property of the Tor. The white spring is privately owned. It has been sold and bottled at various times as a mineral water. Its wellhead is near a stone building that has recently been both a pub and restaurant. The white spring waters flow through a cemented trough along the floor of the stone dwelling before emptying into the city water drainage.

The Whitespring waters flow upward from underneath the sacred chalk earth of the Tor and carry sacred water of a masculine vibration. The relationship to the Chalice well is undeniable, yet few sacred site listings mention the white spring. There is now a grass root movement to close off Chilkwell Street and create a massive Glastonbury Park, connecting the Tor, Chalice Well and Whitesprings. An even more ambitious thought is to connect them all to the Glastonbury Abbey Ruins, less than ¾ of a mile away. While the latter remains logistically unlikely, the concept of connecting the white and red springs at the foot of the Tor is conceivable.

The misappropriation and desecration of sacred sites saddens and frustrates me. The placement of a pub and road right through the middle of the sacred Avebury Stone Circle, the disregard of Glastonbury Whitesprings, and the commercialization of the vortex sites in Sedona are all issues that perhaps in the ascension to come, will be corrected. Our thoughts and actions can make it so, as we come into recognition of these living energies.

It is possible to stay within the grounds of the Chalice Well by becoming a 'Companion' of the Chalice Well Trust. The cost for membership is approximately 30 dollars per year. Once enrolled, one can stay on the grounds of the Chalice Well in the little St Michael retreat house. The accomodation is a wonderful 17th century dwelling with conference room additions and a newly renovated dining area. It can hold up to eleven guests, and operates as a self-catering vegetarian B & B. Rooms start as low as seventeen pounds per night. It gives one access to the gardens and well after the gates close to the public at 5 pm. I highly recommend it. The gardens at night are magnificent…. and very active!

The gracious resident 'Guardians' of the Well manage the operations and various functions of the Chalice Well Gardens, bookstore and St Michael Retreat. Teamed with the courteous and responsible staff, they contribute to the ambience and sense of well being reflected at the Chalice Gardens & Well. Each exude a spirituality and love of place that adds to ones visit.

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And so it is….
Oct 14 2001

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